DEADLINE for Senior Submission for Yearbook is Monday, November 13 at 11:59 PM.

We will NOT be accepting late senior submissions after that time.


Your senior portrait, baby photo, quote, and blurb are to be sent to

We are trying to limit the number of emails we receive, so please send everything in ONE email.

ALL senior material is due by 11/13.


The Subject Line of your email should be Last Name, First Name: Senior Submission

Please attach jpg image files only. No PDF or others accepted. please include:

1. Senior Portrait

2. Baby Photo

3. Senior Quote

4. Senior Blurb


Note: If you would like to use your nickname (example: Greg instead of Gregory) in the yearbook instead of your full name, please clearly specify that in your senior submission email. Otherwise, we will use your official name as printed on the class roster.


Senior Submission Requirements

An example page from the 2017 yearbook is shown on the right. Your senior portrait, quote, blurb and baby photo will appear in the same order as the yearbook layout on the right.


Senior Portrait

Submit Senior Portrait image at actual size. Please check email settings NOT to compress the image. Senior portraits need to be head & shoulders. The dimensions for the photo should be 3 by 5 inches. The minimum resolution should be 300 dpi.


If Lifetouch, Maddie Epperson or Sophie Fennell took your senior portrait, you DO NOT need to send it in your senior yearbook submission email.


Baby Photo

You have two options to submit the baby photo.

1. Option A:  The easiest way to submit your baby photo is to scan the picture at 600dpi RGB and send it, along with your other senior material, to


2. Option B: Another option is to leave the physical copy of your baby photo in "Iona Nickeson" mailbox in the guidance office with a self addressed stamped envelope for its return.


If Option B, please indicate in your senior submission email.


Senior Quote

150 characters (no spaces)

This quote can be something you or anyone said. Include citation.


Senior Blurb

600 characters (no spaces)

Seniors often use this space to write a brief thank you message to everyone who helped them along the way, which can include parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, etc. Give a shout out to people who you care about! The write-up will be included underneath your senior portrait and above your baby photo. If you need ideas of what seniors have written in the past, please click on the image on the right.


For the senior quote and senior blurb, please keep in mind that:

1. Abbreviations and acronyms will be subject to editing if deemed questionable or inappropriate by yearbook editors.

2. Yearbook editors reserve the right to delete or omit any inappropriate submissions.


IMPORTANT: There is no guarantee that the yearbook editors can change anything once you have sent it in, so please double check everything before submitting. Send your senior submission and senior-specific questions to We're happy to answer any questions you still may have! :)


Thank you!


2018 Yearbook Editors: Ayeh Attar, Kathryn Augustine, Brianna LaValle and Grace Wang